We understand the sensitive nature of working in healthcare environments, and the challenges it brings. Vanguard offers custom security solutions for all healthcare environments, ranging from small clinics to large area hospitals. Our officers are extremely professional, courteous, and helpful with staff and visitors alike, and also understand the sensitive nature of working in healthcare environments. And our superior training allows officers to safely handle encounters with mentally ill, intoxicated, irate, and hostile persons.

Our proprietary Vanguard hospital training program ensures that all areas of your hospital campus are addressed:

  • Concierge-level staff to greet and direct visitors
  • Roving patrol of open areas, parking structures, and on-site critical infrastructure areas
  • Emergency code system-trained officers
  • Security camera, alarm system, and emergency code monitoring
  • Specialized officers for emergency room and mental health departments

To discuss customized security solutions for your healthcare facility, please complete the following information: