We offer patrol service which is unmatched in the private sector in terms of quality, ability, and response. Our officers are extremely well trained, properly equipped, and able to handle a wide array of incidents. We partner with law enforcement on criminal investigations, dissemination of information, and have excellent rapport with those local agencies.

Clients that use our vehicle patrol service benefit from the following:

  • Professional officers adept at interacting with suspects, on-site managers and staff, residents, members of the public, and law enforcement personnel
  • A fleet of proper law enforcement-grade vehicles (Ford Explorers and Dodge Chargers)
  • Law enforcement-grade vehicle equipment and duty gear
  • Officers with extensive classroom and field training in deescalation techniques, criminal investigations, report writing, patrol tactics, dealing with violent and mentally ill persons, and more
  • Ability to deescalate the situation,thus reducing or eliminating your liability
  • Body cameras which record every interaction
  • Ability to focus on their businesses rather than on their security vendor
  • Detailed, clear, court-ready reports

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