Vanguard Protection is a faith-based company and understands the sensitive environments surrounding religious facilities. While openness and a sense of welcoming are important to many religious groups, privacy is also of the utmost importance. We fully understand the challenges that religious facilities face and can offer custom security solutions for all religious environments, ranging from small preschools and daycare centers, to neighborhood shuls and large worship centers. Our officers are extremely professional, courteous, and helpful with both clergy, administrative staff, and visitors alike.


Our proprietary Vanguard religious-facility training program covers the threats listed below, and many more:

  • First-Amendment auditors who seek to instigate encounters, often recording staff and visitors
  • Anti-religious zealots and domestic terrorists who mean to do harm to structures and congregation members
  • Vandals who seek to deface property such as historic buildings and statues.
  • Active shooter threats and more


While using security at synagogues, churches, mosques, and other houses of worship is nothing new, the required standards of security have definitely changed. Today, it is crucial to have a security provider who not only acts as a strong deterrent, but one who will mitigate liability – not increase it. As recent incidents over the past several years have shown, using a company who fails to understand the specific threats, as well as the sensitive nature of religious facilities, only results in increased risk and liability for you.

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