EXECUTIVE PROTECTION – We offer discreet protection for high net worth individuals, corporate clients, elevated risk individuals, and high profile occasions.

SENTRY SERVICE – Our posted sentry officers are highly visible, not only serving as a strong deterrent, but also providing unmatched professionalism, concierge-level service, and superior protection of your property.

SITE/FACILITY SECURITY – We can protect your site/facility with a team of professional officers who will ensure that your building and grounds remain secure. When it comes to protecting your sensitive environment, go with the very best.

HOSPITAL SECURITY – Our trained officers are able to protect your entire campus, assist visitors, handle escalated incidents, and work with management to reduce risk and liability.

SCHOOL SECURITY – Keeping students safe is at the core of our mission. Our officers’ image and professionalism will present a strong deterrent, and our team stands ready to handle any threat.

INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY – In today’s world there is an increasing need for protection at our nation’s critical infrastructure. We stand ready to offer protection for utility, transportation, petrochemical, telecommunications, and many more.

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING – We’re proud to offer service for both government-owned properties and their contracted vendors. We understand the sensitive nature of this work, security clearances required, and the unique demands to get the job done.

PATROL SERVICE – Whether it’s a routine patrol to deter crime or responding to a call for help, our team is proactive, vigilant, and capable. Officers are armed, highly trained, and ready to handle a multitude of situations.

RELIGIOUS FACILITIES – Vanguard Protection offers custom-tailored security solutions to keep your most precious assets safe. When guarding a building is just not enough in today’s world, Vanguard stands ready to protect your congregation’s members – your community and family.

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