Utility stations are considered part of the nation’s critical infrastructure as they supply millions of people with power, natural gas, and clean water. Due to their importance, they are unfortunately a large target for disgruntled employees and terrorists (both international and domestic), as well as vulnerable to natural disasters and catastrophes.

The nation’s aging utility infrastructure was not built with today’s security threats in mind. And while natural disasters receive the most media coverage when there is a service disruption, a possible terrorist attack on our infrastructure would be devastating. To prevent this, utility companies are implementing additional security measures and updating emergency protocols as needed. Vanguard Protection can tailor a security solution which addresses possible risks and threats that a utility station might face, such as:

  • Adding buffer zones and physical barriers
  • Conducting vehicle and personnel inspections
  • Enhancing surveillance systems and monitoring cameras
  • Conducting random patrols of facilities and utility stations
  • Utilizing our off-road patrol vehicles to patrol utility roads and access points
  • Staffing guard posts at main entry locations
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