Vanguard Protection utilizes cutting edge cloud-based reporting and database software which offers an unprecedented level of functionality. Also trusted by the LAPD, it offers our team the ability to record and track more offender criteria than any other software available. With modules for custody/detention, court, and warrant records among others, it ensures we are always up-to-date with offender and vehicle contacts and tracking.

We also use law enforcement grade LTE-advanced vehicle routers developed specifically for mission critical applications in public safety. This ensures we’re always connected in the field when it’s needed most.

In 2022, Vanguard Protection implemented our Drone Program to offer clients a higher level of protection, as well as assist field operations. Capable of extended flight time and range, 56X zoom, high-volume loudspeaker, and thermal optics, our drones serve as an invaluable tool in the field, not just another set of eyes.

And while a single drone by itself is an incredible tool, Vanguard established a drone network in various service areas which allow a broad spectrum of coverage. These nodes mesh together, providing seamless coverage for critical incidents.

As with our drones, field units also rely on advanced optics to accomplish the mission. Thermal optics have proven particularly useful in carrying out our duties in protecting clients.

Field units have access to thermal vision monoculars, capable of still image and video recording, distances beyond 100 yards, and several heat signature palettes to choose from. These devices excel at locating individuals who would otherwise have gone unseen.

Since their implementation, Vanguard patrol officers and EP agents have been able to locate numerous suspects and keep our clients safe.

To see how Vanguard’s use of technology can better protect you and your facility, contact us for a custom-tailored security solution.