Shield Your Organization With Vanguard Protection’s


Vanguard offers specialized protection against electronic intrusion and attack,

helping to ensure that your organization remains operational and secure. Our

team assesses vulnerabilities and risk before they’re exploited, implementing

counter-intrusion measures that safeguard your organization.

Vanguard’s CyberDefense benefits your organization in numerous ways:

  • Avoid the unexpected interruption of your business operations (hours, days, or longer)
  • Avoid the loss of business income resulting from interrupted services
  • Avoid the high cost associated with the emergency restoration of digital systems
  • Avoid the damage done to your business’ image, reputation, and branding
  • Avoid exorbitant ransom fees to regain control of your own digital systems
  • Avoid civil suits and liability resulting from failing to property protect data

With the aggregate cost of a digital attack potentially reaching into the millions,

proactive measures are a must in today’s business world. Never before has the risk

of digital assault or ransom been higher. Stay ahead of those threats and ensure

your organization is proactive, not reactive, with Vanguard’s CyberDefense.