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Specialized Protective Solutions

Vanguard’s highly-specialized protective solutions are designed using a comprehensive

approach, encompassing all aspects of security integration. Our strategy not only provides

custom tailored solutions which best fit each client, but also aims to reduce operating costs

while simultaneously offering the most secure solution. From physical assets & digital safeguards

to intelligence gathering and dissemination, Vanguard Protection has you secured.

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Vanguard Protection

Hybrid Approach

Vanguard Protection uses a proprietary hybrid approach which integrates skilled, trained agents with the latest hardware and technology. This allows our clients to not only benefit from the extensive training and experience which our agents bring to the field, but also the reduced liability, improved efficiency, and cost savings resulting from the implementation of advanced technology. This unique hybrid approach offers the largest value for our clients, and delivers the results to get the mission accomplished.

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Skilled Professionals

Vanguard Protection selects outstanding individuals who are highly educated, precisely trained, and exceedingly skilled.

Through our employee enrichment program, Agents are then developed into effective leaders to maximize their potential.

Vanguard Agents are among the very best in the industry, not only offering a superior level of professionalism, but also a

wealth of experience which results in superior protection while maintaining reduced liability.