Excellence isn't just a word, it is what we deliver. Our clients not only receive the security services they contract for, but also reports that are well-written, articulate and thorough. Our patrol officers operate at the highest levels and have an impressive rapport with local law enforcement. With military, police, private policing, and courtroom experience, you can trust that we have the strength to deliver our promise of excellence.

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Our standards are the highest in the industry, and rivaled by no one. We never compromise our values, and take immense pride in the character each of of us brings to the team. Honesty, integrity, sacrifice, dedication, pride, courage, and professionalism are just a few words which make us who we are. These attributes and more make us Santa Clarita's top choice for private security.

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What truly sets us apart from the competition is our professionalism. Our team is trained and experienced in dealing with professionals and non-professionals at all levels, and with a wide variety of people and situations. We conduct ourselves at all times with the utmost courtesy, respect, and professionalism which is normally found in the military and law enforcement.

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Since 2019

Excellence - defined.

Vanguard Protection provides superior service across a wide array of markets including: event security, business protection, private patrols, and alarm response services. We're able to outperform the rest of the private policing industry through our high standards, professionalism, and unwavering integrity which no one else can match.

We are best known for our exceptional professionalism. With our law enforcement and military standards, compromise is not an option. Our clients take great solace knowing we are protecting them and have the peace of mind and confidence knowing that we are keeping them safe.

Each Vanguard private patrol officer receives extensive and ongoing training which far exceeds the state minimum, our equipment is second to none, and technology is utilized in every facet of what we do.

With a demonstrated track record of suppressing crime in our service areas, satisfying our customers, and maintaining a focus on officer safety, it is clear to see why the number one choice in our field is Vanguard Protection.

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Vanguard Protection, Santa Clarita, Security, Safety, Officer, Patrol, Company, Service, Integrity