Benefit From Our

Advanced Training

All Vanguard Protection Agents are trained to represent the highest standards we hold. Each Agent is hand selected,

thoroughly vetted, and expertly trained across a myriad of disciplines. Our advanced training not only increases Agent

safety, but also molds more capable, effective Agents and reduces liability for our clients.

HAND SELECTING THE ELITE – Vanguard Agents are hand selected from among our nations’ elite military, law enforcement,

and private sector protective services. They provide the core of our professionals, and are expertly chosen and then vetted

to be the very best. Our Agents are carefully screened and selected to not only pass a strict background test, but also

undergo a stringent review of their knowledge, skills, and abilities. We excel at ‘reading between the lines’ for our personnel.

CRAFTING PROFESSIONALS – Once an Agent is selected to join the Vanguard team, they receive ongoing, relevant, and

realistic continuing education, ensuring they are the most capable and adept professionals that we can provide, able

to maintain those sharp capabilities throughout their careers. While other companies offer a ‘revolving door’ program

(which is just designed to churn out a large volume of students) Vanguard Protection offers a program centered around

molding Agents to be the most well-rounded and capable Agent possible.

GROWING LEADERS – Our greatest investment is our people, so we strive to foster a workplace environment

centered around professional growth and development. We offer and encourage Agents to take a wide variety

of professional development courses to not only add value for our clients, but also to encourage continual progress

in our Agents’ careers, nurturing those leadership qualities. Some examples of these programs are:

  • Protective Agent Leadership courses
  • Special Tactics courses
  • Advanced Medical courses
  • Administrative and Government Liaison courses
  • CyberDefense courses