Benefit From Our

Intelligence & Investigations

Vanguard Protection relies on our Security Operations Center to stay one step ahead of potential threats

and mitigate risks. Simply put, knowledge is power. And with that knowledge comes a greater opportunity

to act before it’s too late. Having accurate, up-to-date intel allows our team to:

BECOME EMPOWERED BY INFORMATION – Our clients greatly benefit from access to relevant, complete, and

actionable information they can rely on to make crucial decisions. Having this accurate information can

offer confidence in legal actions, threat detection, or business decisions with the peace of mind found only

with Vanguard Protection.

    STAY AHEAD OF THREATS – In today’s technology-driven world, threats are no longer relegated to strictly a

      physical domain. Vanguard understands that protecting our clients goes well beyond establishing only

      physical protection measures. Our network of intelligence analysts work tirelessly to locate and identify

      any digital threats which may also pose a significant risk to our clients.

      CREATE INTELLIGENCE-DRIVEN SOLUTIONS – Our intelligence team works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to

      identify potential threats and risks to our clients. They work with our protective Agent teams and with law

      enforcement to adjust strategy and address potential threats before they have a chance to affect clients.

      Our solutions are therefore more effective as a result of having access to this greater amount of intelligence.