Vanguard Protection’s


Established in 2019, Vanguard Protection had its’ origins rooted in humble beginnings.

Founded by Wayne Marks and Shawn Saathoff, Vanguard was created to offer all our

clients a higher echelon of service, raising the bar throughout the state of California.


Vanguard Protection is headquartered in Los Angeles County, CA and offers the very best in Specialized Protective Solutions. We assess each individual clients’ specific needs and risks, then customize our solutions in order to offer a unique and effective result.

Traditionally, other providers were falling short due to their improper assessment of risks and vulnerabilities, dishonesty with their clients, and placing a low priority on the quality of their personnel. After repeated attempts to fix things at a competitor’s company, Marks and Saathoff were told that the only way they could have it their way was if they owned their own company. It was then that the idea of Vanguard Protection was born. At its inception in 2019, Vanguard Protection forged a strong foundation built on core values, superior service, and developing a comprehensive approach to creating real solutions for our clients.


With the growing strain and limitations placed on law enforcement, coupled with the current ‘soft stance’ on crime and lack of appropriate criminal prosecution, there is an increasing need for the private sector to fill the gap between professional law enforcement and affordable private protection services – Vanguard Protection fills that gap perfectly. Using our proprietary hybrid approach, Vanguard integrates the use of cutting edge technology with our highly skilled and effective agents. The result is an effective solution which translates to lower costs, reduced liability, increased safety, and superior protection.