Rely on Our

Physical Protective Services

There is no substitute for quality personnel, who are trained and experienced to not only safeguard

what matters most, but also mitigate risk and reduce liability. When critical seconds count, our Agents

are your first and best line of defense.

Vanguard Protection offers skilled Agents and Officers for:


Trust Our

Executive Protection

Our world class Executive Protection team is experienced and adept at protecting at-risk, high net worth, and

prominent individuals. Our Vanguard Protection Agents are professional, discrete, and most importantly, highly

effective at protecting our clients and their interests.

SELECTION OF AGENTS – Our Agents are hand selected from amongst the country’s best protective

services, including the private sector, military, and law enforcement. Each Agent is thoroughly vetted

and extensively trained to be the most adept protector.

SPECIALIZED CLIENT RISK EVALUATION – Our team of professionals work with each client to complete a

comprehensive analysis of the client’s lifestyle, residence, profession, place of business, family, and any

known threats in order to identify additional risk factors.

INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS – Our intelligence team then uses the data gathered during the Risk Evaluation to

conduct a detailed investigation to identify any additional threats to the client, their family, or their business.

Our team of Agents then use the Risk Profile to generate a custom defense plan for each client.

CUSTOM DEFENSE PLAN – Once all the risk factor data has been gathered and analyzed, our Agents work with

each client to create a customized defense plan. This plan is aimed at improving their physical protection,

allowing them the peace of mind to focus on the things in their lives which matter most.

Harden Your Facility With Our

Secured Site Protection

Transform your vulnerable property into a hardened facility with our secured site protection. Our team of

Agents are highly trained, experienced, and skilled at mitigating the risk of attack on our clients’ premises.

When your facility demands the very best, our team stands ready to protect what matters most.

SPECIALIZED SITE SECURITY ANALYSIS – Our site security experts will conduct an on-site assessment of your

locations’ physical and digital security. Identifying potential weak points and vulnerabilities assists us in

developing a customized defense plan to help mitigate or even eliminate them.

CUSTOM DEFENSE PLAN – After the completion of a detailed site assessment, our team works with our

clients and industry partners to develop a comprehensive defense plan. This plan encompasses data from

not only the site security analysis, but also intelligence from industry partners, forming a seamless mesh.

ADAPTATION AND PEN TESTING – After a defense plan has been implemented, the plan is then adapted

using emerging technology, updated intelligence, and changing industry trends. If desired, we also penetration test

regularly to ensure a system is not easily compromised.

Show A Strong Presence With Our

Uniformed Services

Our Uniformed Officers are experienced, well-trained, and offer a professional image for your property. Officers are adept at conducting thorough patrols, proper access control, and concise reports for management. With a strong presence to effectively deter crime as well as respond to a multitude of incidents, our Uniformed Officers are truly an asset to your organization.